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Bacterial Protein Extraction Solution

EasyLyse™ Bacterial Protein Extraction Solution

  • Rapid protein screening.
  • Easy protein purification, using manual or robotic procedures.
The EasyLyse™ Bacterial Protein Extraction Solution is designed for lysing bacterial cells for the isolation of proteins, especially recombinant gene products expressed in E. coli, without significant loss of enzymatic activity. It contains a highly active enzyme for cell lysis and a potent nuclease that reduces extract viscosity by digesting all nucleic acids in the sample. The EasyLyse Solution is formulated as a homogeneous reagent for ease of use in high-throughput applications. Just add the Enzyme Mix in Lysis Buffer to the cells for rapid lysis and removal of viscosity.

In side-by-side comparisons between EasyLyse Solution and a leading detergent-based product for "popping" or lysing E. colicells, EasyLyse Solution yielded about 2-fold more soluble protein (Fig. 1) and 10-fold more enzymatic activity (Fig. 2) than the detergent-based product.

The EasyLyse Solution includes enough reagents for extracting proteins from 500 1-ml cultures or 48 96-well microtiter plates with 100 µl of culture per well.

  • Gives higher yields of soluble protein.
  • Retains more enzymatic activity.
  • Reduces viscosity without sonication.
  • Uses a simple one-step protocol.
  • Gently, but effectively, lyses bacterial cells.

 Figure 1. Lysis of E. coli aliquots with soluble protein quantities expressed as a % of total protein, as determined by the Coomassie Plus Protein Assay.

 Figure 2. E. coli Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH) specific activity expressed as nmol/min/µg of soluble cell protein.

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