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Ribonucleoside-5'Triphospate Solutions

NTP Solutions

Ribonucleoside-5´-Triphosphate Solutions

2´-Fluorine-2´-Deoxyribonucleoside-5´-Triphosphate Solutions

Epicentre's NTPs are provided as sterile, neutral solutions of ATP, CTP, GTP, or UTP, each at either 10 mM or 100 mM, or as a premixed solution of all four NTPs at 2.5 mM each for use in RNA synthesis.

The ATP Solution is also suitable for use as a cofactor with T4 DNA Ligase for ligating DNA molecules, with T4 RNA Ligase for ligating RNA molecules, with T4 Polynucleotide Kinase for phosphorylating the 5´ ends of DNA and RNA, with Plasmid- Safe™ ATP-Dependent DNase for digesting linear DNA, and with Poly(A) Polymerase for tailing RNA.

2´-Fluorine-dCTP and 2´-Fluorine-dUTP are supplied as neutralized solutions at 50 mM each. These nucleotides are efficiently incorporated into RNA transcripts in vitro by Epicentre's patented T7 R&DNA™ Polymerase.

Storage Buffer: NTP Solutions and 2´-F-dC/dU are made with sterile deionized water and adjusted to pH 7.0.

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