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Electrophoretic transfer Cell

Transfer Blot Module

The Mini TBC cell provides rapid, high-quality blotting of mini gels. A component of the Mini P-4 electrophoresis system, the Mini TBC cell accommodates two gel holder cassettes for electrophoretic transfer of mini format gels (Mini P-4 gels) run in the Mini P-4 cell. 

Feature of the Mini TBC Cell include

1. Transfers two 10 x 7.5 cm gels in just 1 hour : low-intensity, overnight transfers also possible
2. Wire electrodes are placed 4 cm apart for strong electrical fields and efficient protein transfer
3. Color-coded cassettes and electrodes ensure proper orientation of the gel during transfer
4. New Blue-Ice cooling unit completely contained within the Mini TBC cell, absorbs heat generated during rapid transfers.
5. Available either as a complete stand-alone apparatus or as a module compatible with the buffer thank and lid 
    of the Mii P-4 cell.


Maximum gel size (W x L) 10 x 7.5cm

Buffer requirement 450 mL

Gel capacity 2 Mini P-4 Gels
2 Ready Gel precast gels

Recommended power supply Power BC (300V, 2A, 75W)

Dimensions (W x L x H) 12 x 16 x 18 cm
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