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Enduro GDS Touch
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EnduroTM GDS Touch

Gel Documentation System

The ENDUROTM GDS Touch is an integrated system for DNA and protein analysis and gel documentation. It is based on the GDS but incorporates an integrated tablet PC with a three position filter wheel with both EPI-Blue and EPI-White light sources standard. The market has shown a growing demand for being able to image DNA at higher wavelengths so as to prevent DNA nicking for downstream applications. The powerful EPI-Blue light can discriminate bands stained with SYBR® SAFE up to 3 levels of magnitude greater than imagers using blue light conversion screens. Just like the ENDUROTM GDS, there is no need to focus the camera. Installation and operation is simple and acquisition of image can be achieved in 4 touches of the tablet. The EnduroTM GDS Touch is ideal for life science research labs who need a flexible system with a small footprint. 

  • High resolution, 5MP camera
  • No installation necessary – ready to go out of box!
  • Built in Epi-Blue light ideal for applications requiring 490nm light source.
  • System is pre-focused, for reduced steps to image capture
  • Small footprint
  • Integrated cabinet with tablet PC

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Three cabinet light options

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