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QuantiSpeed Genotyping Kit
QuantiSpeed Genotyping Kit
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QuantiSpeed Genotyping Kit

Optimized solution of probe Real Time PCR for Genotyping

Combined with the latest advancements in polymerase technology and advanced buffer chemistry QuantiSpeed Genotyping Mix offers market leading performance with minimal optimisation. 

QuantiSpeed Genotyping Mix is a kit designed for use in dual-labeled probe based genotyping assays including Taqman™, Molecular Beacon® and Scorpion probe® genotyping. QuantiSpeed Genotyping Mix is fully compatible with ABI TaqMan PreDesigned SNP Genotyping assays. 

QuantiSpeed Genotyping Mix uses proprietary small molecular inhibitor technology that prevents formation of primer-dimers to improve reaction sensitivity and specificity. 

High-throughput screening has resulted in a buffer system that allows efficient amplification from GC-rich and AT-rich templates, under fast and standard cycling conditions.
Applied Biosystems 7500, 7500 FAST, StepOneTMStepOneTM Plus

Bio-Rad® CFXTM

Illumina® EcoTM

Qiagen/Corbett Rotor-GeneTM 3000, 6000, Rotor-Gene TM Q

Roche Applied Science Lightcycler®480, Lightcycler®Nano
 Cycles Temperature   Time  Notes
95°C 2 min Polymerase activation, 2 minutes for cDNA and 3 minutes for genomic
60°C to 65°C
5 seconds
20-30 seconds
Anneal/Extension, do not exceed 30 seconds, do not use temperatures  below 60°C

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