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eCube Viral Nucleic Acid Mini Kit
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eCube Viral Nucleic Acid Mini Kit

For purification of viral DNA or RNA from cell free fluids

The eCube Viral Nucleic Acid Mini Kit is desigened for extraction of Viral DNA or RNA from cell free fluides such as serum, plasma, body fluid, urine and cell cultured supernatant.

This method first lyses virus by using a chaotropic salt, then binds nucleic acid to silica-based membranes. After washing with ethanol-contained wash buffer, contaminants and enzyme inhibitors will be removed completely. Extracted DNA can be used directly for PCR amplification, RNA for RT-PCR or real-time PCR amplification.

C     M     I     2     3 
Agarose gel analysis of RT-PCR product Viral RNA are extracted from 150 μ l of HAV (RNA virus) positive serum or diluted samples (10X and 100X)

C: Native control
M: 100bp DNA Ladder
Lane 1: 1X
Lane 2: 10X
Lane 3: 100X

200 μl of fluids

Expectant Recovery: 

Handing time: 
About 30 minutes

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