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eCube Plasmid DNA Mini Kit
eCube Plasmid DNA Mini Kit
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eCube Plasmid Mini Kit

For purification of up to 30ug plasmid DNA from bacterial culture.

The eCube Plasmid DNA Mini Kit provides a rapid, phenol-free method for the extraction of high-purity plasmid DNA from bacterial cultures such as E.coli, which bacteria is pellet, lysed, and then neutralized.
The extracted DNA can be used in a variety of applications such as PCR, cloning, sequencing, in vitro transcription, and labeling. Also, as a column-type tube is utilized in the purification process, extraction is carried out in three simple steps of binding/washing/elution. Once bound, the DNA is washed and then
eluted from the column, ready for use.

DNA Sequencing Analysis

Sequencing of plasmid purified with eCube Plasmid DNA Mini Kit.
The sequence was analyzed with Big- Dye Terminator chemistry on ABI 3700

Agarose Gel Analysis Of Plasmids Purified Restriction analysis of 4 plasmids extracted by the eCube Plasmid DNA Mini Kit.

1: pBluescript II
2. pUC 18
3: pBR 322
4: pGem with 1 Kb insert
5: pET 43.1 with 2.7 Kb insert
6: cosmid (50 Kb)
M1: 1 Kb DNA Ladder
M2: Lambda-HindIII 

1 - 5 ml overnight culture

Plasmid Size: 
< 12 Kb

Expectant Yield:
20 - 30 μg of high-copy plasmid
3 - 10 μg for low-copy plasmid

Handing time: 
about 25 min

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