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eCube PCR Purification Kit
eCube PCR Purification Kit
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eCube PCR Purification Kit

For clean-up DNA fragment from PCR and enzymatic product.

The eCube PCR Purification Kit is designed for clean up DNA fragments from PCR and other enzymatic products without phenol/chloroform extraction and ethanol precipitation required. The size range for effective fortification is 100 bp - 10 kb, thus common 20 - 40 mer oligonucleotides are removed. 

The recovery yield exceeds 80%. Elution volume can be as little as 30μL when concentrated product is needed.

The purified DNA can be used directly for any downstream application such as sequencing, ligation, labeling, amplification and enzymatic digestion.

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The Quality of DNA after Purification. 

Purification of DNA fragments from PCR product by the PCR Purification Kit.
Recovery is about 85%.

M: 1Kb DNA Ladder (100 bp - 12,000 bp)
1: 325 bp PCR product before purified
2: 325 bp PCR product after purified
3: 666 bp PCR product before purified
4: 666bp PCR product after purified 


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Sample Source:
PCR products, labeled, modified or digested DNA (Ex. Restriction digests, alkaline phosphatase fragments, kinase reaction, enzymatic labeling reactions)

up to 100 μl reaction solution

DNA Size Range: 
100 bp - 10 kb

Binding Capacity: 
up to 10 ug

Recovery : 
80 - 95%.

Handing time: 
about 15 minutes
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