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Gel & PCR purification
eCube Gel&PCR Purification Kit
eCube Gel&PCR Purification Kit
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eCube Gel&PCR Purification Kit

For gel extraction from agarose gel and clean-up DNA fragment from PCR or enzymatic reaction.

The eCube Gel & PCR Purification Kit is designed to recover or concentrate DNA Fragments (50 bp - 10 Kb) from agarose gel, PCR or other enzymatic reaction without phenol/chloroform extraction and ethanol precipitation required.

The unique dual purpose application and high yield DNA column make this kit exceptional value.

스크린샷 2013-06-26 오후 6.52.52.png
The Quality of DNA after Purification.

Purification of DNA fragments from
PCR product by the Gel Purification Kit
M: 1Kb DNA ladder (100 bp - 12,000 bp)
1-5: Product of Lane 6
6: PCR Product


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up to 200 mg agarose gel, up to 100 μl reaction solution

DNA Size Range: 
50 bp - 10 kb

Binding Capacity: 
up to 10 ug

Recovery :
70% - 85% for Gel extraction, 90% - 95% for PCR clean-up

Handing time:
20 minutes for Gel extraction, 10 minutes for PCR clean-up

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