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Semi-Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System
Semi-Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System
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Semi-Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System

The VacEZor is designed for semi–automated vacuum–based DNA/RNA extractions (36 samples maximum at a time). It enables direct binding and washing steps on vacuum manifold without any repetitive loading spin columns on the centrifuge and discarding the waste. Each sample processing is independent of each other thus the cross–contamination can be avoided. The whole system is easy to operate and can be run without tedious setup.

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Satisfactory Performance

VacEZor is designed for filtration-type DNA/RNA purification in low-to-medium throughput (36 in capacity). Combined with LabTurbo Kit, it delivers high DNA/RNA yield and purity. It is allowed to scale up the sample input to improve the productivity, and to increase wash level to promote the product purity. The disposable spin column adaptor placed in the vacuum chamber ensures no direct contact between spin column and chamber thus minimizes the potential contamination of backflow and between each run.

Spin Column Adapter
Easy access of spin columns to the Vacuum manifold

Fast and User-friendly

VacEZor is small, saving lab space. Unlike specific connectors, the open spin column adaptor design provides easy seating of spin columns. The leak-proof spin column adaptor also accommodates a variety of spin columns, giving more choices to end users. Convenient on-deck plug tubes are used to release the vacuum. Moreover, the installation and maintenance are straightforward and simple. The whole system is easy to use and can be run without tedious setup.
Throughput 1 – 36 (manual)

Size 40 cm (W) x 34 cm (D) x 25 cm (H)

Sample volume Scalable

Function Vacuum filtration of nucleic acid purification

Working unit 36–well vacuum manifold
Timer (hr/min/sec)

Vacuum station Vacuum pump (air flow 130 L/min)
Waste bottle (5 L)

Software Preinstalled, certified protocol
Graphical user interface
Quick button to start
Worktable setup checklist
Built-in reagent calculator
Pause function
Data conversion to Excel file
Remote control
Power Requirement 100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz

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