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Azure cSeries
A total Solution for Western Blot Imaging and Gel Documentation
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Azure cSeries

The Azure cSeries Imaging Systems

The AzureTM Biosystems cSeries offers 5 unique gel imaging systems. Select which one fits your applications now, and learn more about upgrading later when your needs change.

Infrared Laser Excitaion for Quantitative Western Blot Imaging in the NIR
   Improve your Data Quality

Sensitive Detection of Proteins with Chemiluminescent Westerns
   Get out of the dark

Use Cy5/Cy3/Cy2 Dyes, Blue-Excited DNA dyes, and More
   A total solution for western blot imaging and gel documentation
   The cSeries is a multichannel, multimodal imager, with IR, visible light, and UV excitation channels.
   Detect Cy dyes, Alexa dyes, Safe dyes, and more.

Easy Installation

Compact, Integrated Design

Simple Image Saving

Fully Upgradeable


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The Azure c150 Gel Imaging Workstation

Azure c150 Gel Documentation


The c150 is abasic gel documentation system for cost-conscious laboratories. Use your choiceof dyes or stains and the system automatically selects the light source andfilters for you. UV for Ethidium bromide-stained DNA gels, blue light for SYBR® Safe or similar dyes, white lightfor Silver stain or Coumassie Blue.


Product Features

Multiple lightsources and filters  the c150 can image both protein and DNA gels with yourchoice of stains or dyes.
Compact design – 38cm W X 55cm H X 36cm D, gives youmore space for your experiments






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