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FLASHBlot Transfer Buffer
Enhanced protein transfer for improved sensitivity
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R03090D25 FlashBlot™ Transfer Buffer, 250 ml 250 ml 로그인 확인 문의
R03090D50 FlashBlot™ Transfer Buffer, 500 ml 500 ml 로그인 확인 문의

FLASHBlot Transfer Buffer

Enhanced protein transfer for improved sensitivity

Achieve improved detection of low-abundance and posttranslationally modified proteins with Advansta's proprietary FLASHBlot Transfer Buffer. High-efficiency protein transfer and increased protein retention on the membrane add up to more sensitive Western blots.

  • High Performance – increased protein retention on the membrane results in more sensitive detection of low abundance and post-translationally modified proteins
  • Efficient – enhanced transfer efficiency for proteins of all sizes
  • Fast – transfer proteins in less than 20 minutes vs. several hours required with traditional transfer buffers
  • Convenient – use your existing wet transfer electrophoresis apparatus

FLASHBlot Transfer Buffer is a unique buffer that provides enhanced protein transfer for more sensitive Western blots. Compared to traditional transfer buffers, FLASHBlot Transfer Buffer provides improved transfer efficiency of all proteins, including those of high molecular weight for which is it often very difficult to achieve complete transfer.

Image Map

More efficient transfers with FLASHBlot buffer. After 20-minute transfers, Western blot analysis shows that both transferrin and GAPDH are more efficiently transferred using FLASHBlot buffer than using Towbin buffer.

FLASHBlot Transfer Buffer also allows for increased protein retention on membranes resulting in more sensitive detection of low-abundance proteins. Transfers with the FLASHBlot buffer can be performed with all traditional wet transfer apparatuses and take only 15 to 20 minutes. The short transfer times plus increased transfer efficiency and protein retention allow for sensitive detection of posttranslationally modified proteins which can be difficult to detect after traditional transfer protocols.

Shorter transfer times. FLASHBlot achieves complete protein transfer in less than 20 minutes using any traditional wet transfer apparatus.

Image Map

Complete transfer in less than 20 minutes. Transfer of CEA (high MW) and GAPDH (low MW) proteins was compared using FLASHBlot and Towbin transfer buffers. Following Western blot analysis, the data show equivalent protein transfer in 15 minutes with FLASHBlot buffer vs. 60 minutes with Towbin buffer.

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