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Automate western blot development and processing
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Automate western blot development and processing

BlotCycler is an automated western processor that processes the blot through all washing, blocking, and incubation steps. Once the system is set-up with the required reagents and the appropriate assay is programmed, BlotCycler will proceed with the assay and alert you at certain critical steps and when the assay is completed. No special reagents are required – use the same reagents you currently use and significantly improve your results.

BlotCycler automatically saves your primary antibodies. Automation increases productivity and generates blots with higher signal and lower background. Use Precision Stripping  Buffer and you can reuse your membrane up to 10 times.

  • Guaranteed performance
  • High sensitivity and reproducibility
  • Complete automation of all membrane processing steps
  • No change in workflow: Use your existing protocol and reagents
  • Processing of up to 12 membranes simultaneously
  • Simultaneous processing of six different Primary and six different Secondary antibodies
  • Ability to easily program all steps for individual protocols.
  • Automated collection of primary antibodies, the unique and most expensive reagents, for repeated use
  • Automatic cleaning after use with a special shower system – all traces of reagents are completely removed
  • Increased signal and reduced background, made possible by the unique reagent delivery and incubation system
  • Use of minimal bench space (12″ x 12″ for a 6-tray device)
  • Flexibility in protocol modification
  • Better control of your time

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