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CellDrop™ Cell Counters
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CellDrop™ Cell Counters

CellDrop Automated Cell Countersfeature patented DirectPipette™ Technology to eliminate plastic slides andcumbersome hemocytometers from routine cell counting. Featuring dualfluorescence and brightfield optics, variable height sample chamber, and powerful,easy-to-use analysis software, the CellDrop Cell Counters enables the fastestcell counts, viability assessment, and GFP transfection efficiency measurementsacross the widest range of cell density, cell type and application.

DirectPipette™ Technology

The CellDrop Series brings thefamiliar Load, Measure & Wipe Clean functionality of microvolume spectrophotometersto cell counting. Traditional plastic slides or glass hemocytometers arereplaced by two permanent optical sapphire surfaces. These are positionedparallel to one another by a calibration-free, high-precision mechanism,forming a chamber of precisely defined height. 10µL of cell suspension ispipetted into the chamber, analyzed and simply wiped away with a dry laboratorywipe. The powerful live-view image allows instant verification that cleaninghas been successful.

Accurate Across the Widest Rangeof Cell Size and Density

Using conventional countingmethods, samples with high or low cell densities require time consumingdilution or concentration steps. The variable height chamber of the CellDropCell Counters adjusts chamber depth automatically, delivering the most accuratecounts over the widest cell densities – 7 x 102 to 2.5 x 107.Chamber height can also be adjusted to accommodate almost any cell with adiameter range of 4 to 400µm.

Easy-to-Learn, Powerful-to-Use

Designed by life scientists, the CellDropEasyApps®Software exceeds thefunctionality of high cost cell counters while delivering the ease of use ofsimpler systems. EasyApps combines with a high definition, 7″ touchscreeninterface to give error-free operation with sample loading to data exporting inseconds. Pre-installed with a range of common applications for one-touchanalysis of assays such as Brightfield, Trypan blue, AO/PI, GFP and Yeast andthe ability to create custom methods makes the CellDrop a flexible workhorsefor the busy, multi-user lab.






Dynamic Range 7 x 102   to   2.5 x 107 cells/ml 
Cell Size Range 4 to 400 µm
Sample Volume 5.0 µL @50 µm chamber height
10 µL @100 
µm chamber height (standard)
40 µL @400 µm chamber height
Measurement Speed Brightfield- 3 seconds @1 x 106 cell/ml
Dual Fluorescence- 8.5 seconds @1 x 106 cell/ml
Optical Modes CellDrop FL – Dual Fluorescence, Single Fluorescence, Brightfield, Fluorescence + Brightfield
CellDrop BF – Brightfield only
Sample Surfaces Optical Sapphire
Brightfield Illumination LED 530 nm
Fluorescence Illumination LED 470 nm
Emission Filters 530 nm +/- 25 nm
645nm +/- 37 nm
Gesture Recognition Multipoint touch, swipe, pinch
Display 7″, 1280 x 800 high definition color display
Glove Compatibility All common laboratory gloves
Camera CellDrop FL – Basler acA2040-55µm
CellDrop BF – Basler daA2500- 14µm
Images 2048 x 800 px (3.15 MB) with overlay capabilities
Focus User-controlled onscreen coarse and fine adjustment
Detector CellDrop FL – Sony IMX265
CellDrop BF – ON Semiconductor MT9P031
Processor Nvidia Tegra K1 with Quad-core ARM Cortex-A15
Connectivity WiFi, Ethernet, HDMi, USB
Footprint (LxWxH) 37 x 21 x 18 cm
Weight 8 Kg
Operating Voltage 12 VDC
Approvals UL/CSA, CE, FCC, Japan CAB
Manufacturer Location USA
Warranty 2 Years
Colors Arctic White
Internal Storage 60 GB solid state drive – upgradable to 1 TB
Accessories Label Printer, barcode reader, keyboard, mouse, 20 µL pipette
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