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QuantiSpeed Probe (No/Low/Hi)-ROX One-Step Kit
QuantiSpeed Probe (No/Low/Hi)-ROX One-Step Kit
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QuantiSpeed Probe (No/Low/Hi)-ROX

One-Step Kit

In one-step RT-qPCR, cDNA synthesis and qPCR are performed in a single reaction vessel in a common reaction buffer with the option of included (No/Low/Hi)ROX

Probe One-Step Kit uses the latest developments in reverse transcriptase technology and buffer chemistry for efficient cDNA synthesis and PCR in a single tube.

Our modified MMLV reverse transcriptase (RTase) is both thermostable and extremely active. The enzyme is blended with RNase inhibitor preventing degradation of RNA by contaminating RNase. The RTase is not inhibited by ribosomal and transfer RNAs, total RNA is an ideal substrate.

Real-Time PCR probe mixes have been designed for use on a wide range of probe technologies including Taqman®, Molecular Beacons® and Scorpion probes®.

Probe One-Step mix uses proprietary small molecular inhibitor technology that prevents formation of primer-dimers to improve reaction sensitivity and specificity.

High-throughput screening has resulted in a buffer system that allows efficient amplification from GC-rich and AT-rich templates, under fast and standard cycling conditions.
  • Thermostable reverse transcriptase 45°C to 55°C
  • Contains advanced RNase inhibitor
  • Rapid extension rate for early Ct values
  • Market leading sensitivity - increased limit of detection
  • Compatible on all real-time PCR platforms - standard and fast cycling conditions

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