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GenapSys™ Sequencing Prep System
GenapSys™ Sequencing Prep System
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GenapSys™ Sequencing Prep System

The GenapSys Sequencing Prep System replaces the manual clonal amplification step in the GenapSys Sequencer workflow with a load-and-go process that automates template preparation and enrichment in one device. This small-footprint instrument uses cartridge-based reagents, and employs magnetic bead technology to isolate template-positive particles that can be subsequently loaded onto GenapSys sequencing chips.

Simplified workflow saves time and labor

  • Intuitive instrument set-up via touch screen interface
  • Increased lab productivity—just 20 minutes of set-up time followed up uttended 4-hour run

Walk away Automation

  • Perform multiple runs in a single day
  • Fully automated workflow requires minimal user intervention

Reduced run variability

  • Reduced user intervention minimizes sources of user introduced variability
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