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Qamp mini
Portable PCR Thermocycler
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Qamp mini

Portable PCR Thermocycler

QampminiTM is designed to achieve polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for the amplification of the targeted DNA in a miniature device making molecular biology more fun in the field. With the Peltier heating & cooling module positioned at the center total of 1-8 samples can be analyzed efficiently and cost-effectively without sacrificing performance and quality. With it's compact size and One-Click to Go design, Qamp Mini is ideal in the field, laboratories or classrooms for epidemiology, veterinary, food testing, pathogen detection, ecology, archaeology research and education.
Compact in Size: 102 x 136 x 104 mm
Preprogramed Chip: with unlimited applications
Touch Start: One Button to Go!
LCD Display: for customers to define status easily!
Portable: Only 1kg

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