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WesternBright ECL HRP substrate

Solutions for Protein Characterization

WesternBright ECL is more sensitive than other  chemiluminescent substrates, so you can conduct shorter exposures, load less sample, or use up to ten-times less antibody.  Save time and money with WesternBright ECL.

  • Stronger signal than Amersham™ ECL or Pierce™ ECL
  • Detect low pg protein amounts
  • Use up to ten-times less antibody
WesternBright ECL is a horseradish peroxidase substrate optimized for chemiluminescent Western blots imaged using X-ray film. WesternBright ECL requires as little as ten times less antibody than other substrates, allowing you to save precious antibodies and samples. Additionally, the WesternBright ECL signal is long lasting, allowing multiple exposures to be carried out without substantial signal decay.


WesternBright ECL detects equal amounts of protein with up to ten times less antibody. Duplicate slot blots containing serial dilutions of transferrin were probed with the antibody dilutions shown, and detected with either WesternBright ECL or Pierce ECL (Thermo Scientific) according to the manufacturers’ instructions. The blots were imaged simultaneously on the same piece of film. WesternBright ECL produced the same signal with ten times less primary and five times less secondary antibody.

Customer feedback

After trying WesternBright ECL, we immediately switched from our usual brand and now use it on a weekly basis. It produces a strong, long-lasting signal with low background at a much lower cost.Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University

WesternBright ECL is better than (the ECL substrate) I used to use because of its high sensitivity. Most of my research involves detecting low amounts of induced proteins, such as gp91 phox and HIF-1. I had some challenge to detect these proteins when I used other substrates; however, WesternBright ECL helps to detect these targets. Now, I can detect these proteins using less sample with the WesternBright ECL system. My whole lab has now switched to WesternBright ECL. Senior Research Lab Specialist, University of Michigan

We have switched to the Advansta WesternBright ECL reagent for straight western and co-IP western blotting. We have used less antibodies to suit our various needs easily. By the way, the WesternBright reagent also worked beautifully during a recent demo of a competitor's chemiluminescent imager! It performed better than the vendor's own proprietary reagent made especially for that machine! Lab Manager, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


  • WesternBright ECL Luminol/enhancer solution
  • WesternBright Peroxide Chemiluminescent peroxide solution
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