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High Performance Triple Zone Thermal Cycler
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High Performance Triple Zone Thermal Cycler

The SuperCycler
The unique Trinity Triple Zone block format allows you to optimise your reactions and run miltiple differently optimised reactions in a single run.  SuperCycler is gaining a reputation as one of the most intuitive best value thermal cyclers around.

The SuperCycler’s large 7″ vivid color touch screen brings its user friendly graphical software to life. Coupled with a compact footprint, reliable  performance and a standard 2 year warranty it is easy to see why the SuperCycler  is becoming the preferred thermal cycling engine of customers worldwide.

- 96 wells PCR 장비
- 균일성 및 재현성이 높은 PCR
- 6개의 peltier와 3개의 control zone으로 high performance 구현
- 최대 24℃의 온도 차를 설정할 수 있느 ㄴGradient 기능
- Touch down PCR, Long PCR 등 다양한 PCR 기능
- 사용의 편리성
  > 마법사 모드로 간단하게 PCR program 입력
  > USB stick으로 program 이동
  > Touch 형식 color screen 지원
  > Quick start 기능


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