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qPCR Cycler : Azure Cielo™ Real-Time PCR
qPCR Cycler : Azure Cielo™ Real-Time PCR
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Azure Cielo™

Real-Time PCR

The Azure Cielo 6 Real-Time PCR system brings you the accuracy and sensitivity you need for your research, with intuitive touch screen software.

- Throughput : 96 well sample
- High Multiplex : 3 / 6 channel
- Detection : 고감도 센서로 High Sensitivity 결과 획득 가능
- 16 wells 단위로 형광 detection
- 10.2" 터치 스크린 & 내장형 소프트웨어

- Flexibility : Engineered for a wide variety of qPCR applications, with high sensitivity and wide dynamic range
- Intelligent workflow : Our user interface allows simple touch screen assay setup. Saved protocols make assay set up easy and reproducible
- Reliability : Cielo’s optics and thermal block are designed to deliver the same uniformity and reproducibility over at least 1000 qPCR experiments, giving you confidence in the reliability of the instrument
- Connectivity : No external PC is required to run the instrument
Data can be transferred via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or USB

- Relative Quantification
- High Resolution Melting
- Absolute Quantification
- Genotyping


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