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SDS-PAGE sample preparation kit
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Afyon SDS-PAGE sample preparation Kit

Afyon SDS-PAGE sample preparation kit for fast, easy concentration and purification of protein samples

Afyon SDS-PAGE sample preparation kit is a fast, efficient way to concentrate protein samples and remove buffer components that may interfere with electrophoresis. In less than 10 minutes, samples are ready for SDS-PAGE or immunoblotting. The Afyon protocol is easily scaled up and can be used for routine preparation of samples for electrophoresis.

  • Quickly remove contaminants that can interfere with electrophoresis (GuHCl, urea, Ammonium sulfate, etc)
  • Protein samples ready to load in less than 10 minutes
  • Safe and non-toxic - no DMSO required
  • Many times faster than concentration and buffer exchange via ultrafiltration or dialysis
  • Compatible with SDS-PAGE and downstream Western blotting
The Afyon SDS-PAGE sample preparation kit provides a means to quickly concentrate protein samples, and separate them from buffers that interfere with electrophoresis. The fast, efficient protocol generates samples ready to load on a gel in less than ten minutes, much more quickly than can be achieved with alternate methods such as dialysis, or acetone or TCA precipitation. Additionally, the Afyon protocol is easily scaled up, allowing multiple samples to be prepared in parallel.

Afyon concentration is compatible with Western blot detection. Western blots were created with samples of A431 cell extract (panels a and b, lane 2), diluted cell extract (lane 3) and the diluted extract concentrated using the Afyon protocol (lane 4). The blots were detected using the WesternBright MCF multicolor fluorescent Western blotting kit. No bands were detectable in the diluted cell extract when stained for either GAPDH (panel a, lane 3) or SRC (panel b, lane 3). However, after Afyon concentration, bands are easily visualized for both proteins (lanes 4). Band intensities are indicated.

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