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Sharpened tools for life-science discoveries

The StabyTMSwitch medium is an auto-inducible medium designed for high-level protein expression using StabyTM products or any other IPTG-inducible bacterial expression system. Using StabyTMSwitch medium, protein expression is automatically induced when high cell density is reached. Thus, it is neither necessary to add IPTG nor to monitor optical density during bacterial growth. The medium is sterile and ready-to-use.


StabyTMSwitch is an auto-inducible medium: metabolization of medium components during bacterial growth will automatically induce protein expression at high cell density. Thus, it is neither necessary to add IPTG (isopropyl -β-D-thiogalactoside) nor to monitor optical density during bacterial growth. Furthermore, the target protein yield is often higher than using conventional IPTG induction. When using an autoinducible medium, it is essential to completely stabilize the plasmid encoding the protein of interest to obtain high expression yield. It is thus strongly recommended to use StabyTM products (StabyExpressTM, StabyTMCodon,CherryTMExpress or CherryTMCodon) for high-yield protein expression. As illustrated on the figure, it is easier and faster to use StabyTM Swicth than IPTG.


The StabyTMSwitch medium is convenient for growing multiple cultures in parallel. Rapid growth to high densities is achieved (for maximizing the yield and efficiency of protein production) without the need to monitor bacterial growth nor to add inducer. As illustrated on the figure, expression yield is similar or higher using StabyTMSwitch than using conventional IPTG induction. Moreover, some proteins exhibit better conformation and solubility when using StabyTMSwitch instead of IPTG.


The StabyTMSwitch auto-inducible medium is a complete culture medium supplied as a sterile, ready-to-use solution. Each box contains two bottles of 1 liter of cultutre medium. The sterile medium is stable for several months when stored at room temperature or 4°C.


Benefits of the StabySwitch medium

  1. High yield of protein production using StabyTM systems or other IPTG-inducible expression systems;
  2. No IPTG required;
  3. No need to monitor optical density (OD) during bacterial growth;
  4. Faster expression protocol;
  5. Overnight expression directly from a single colony or a glycerol stock;
  6. Easy simultaneous expression of multiple clones for high-throughput applications

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