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eCube Blood DNA Mini Kit
eCube Blood DNA Mini Kit
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eCube Blood DNA Mini Kit

For isolation of total DNA from whole blood, serum, buffy coat, body fluid, lymphocytes and cultured cell

The Xprep Blood DNA Mini Kit is designed for rapid extraction of total DNA (e.g. genomic,mitochondrial and viral DNA) from whole blood (fresh or frozen), plasma, serum, buffy coat, body fluids, lymphocytes and cultured cells.As a column-type tube is utilized in the purification process in three simple steps of binding, washing and then elution for the safe and convenient extraction of high-purity genomic DNA. Compare with other harmful and time-consuming procedures, such as phenol/chloroform extraction and ethanol precipitation. 

The size of purified DNA is up to 50 Kb (predominantly 20 - 30 Kb). DNA of this length performs the highest efficiency during PCR reaction. After using this kit, the high quality total DNA can be used directly for the down-stream applications.

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Typical yields of genomic DNA obtained from various samples

up to 200 μl of whole blood, plasma, serum, bufy coat, or body fluids
up to 5 x 10 lymphocytes or cultured cells in 200 μl PBS.

Expectant Yield:
about 5 μg of total DNA from 200 μl of human whole blood
up to 50 μg of total DNA, depends on the samples

Handing time: 
About 60 minutes
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