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WesternBright Sirius HRP substrate

Solutions for Protein Characterization

WesternBright Sirius is the most sensitive chemiluminescent substrate available for Western blotting. Its extremely strong signal allows detection of bands unseen with other substrates.

  • The most sensitive of Advansta's HRP substrates
  • Quantitative signal
  • Also emits chemifluorescence for detection using fluorescence imagers

WesternBright Sirius is the most sensitive HRP substrate available from Advansta for chemiluminescent Western blotting. With attomole sensitivity and a long-lasting signal, WesternBright Sirius allows you to detect bands not visualized with other substrates. High signal-to-noise and a large dynamic range make it ideal for quantifying low-intensity bands. And, chemifluorescence emission allows WesternBright Sirius to be imaged by chemifluorescence imagers in addition to traditional CCD imagers and film.

Customer feedback

WesternBright Sirius performed better than Pierce's Femto and had much less background, while maintaining similar (if not better) sensitivity. It is also working better for my specific home-made antibodies. Postdoctoral Researcher, Indiana University

The WesternBright Sirius substrate has low background and we are able to visualize phosphorylated proteins that we had difficulty seeing with our previous substrates. We have been able to dilute our primary antibodies from 1:1000 to 1:2500 - 1:5000. Graduate Research Associate, Ohio State University

The signal lasts much longer with WesternBright Sirius, while the Pierce West Femto signal disappeared after a half an hour. Plus, WesternBright Sirius is less expensive! Graduate Research Associate, University of Minnesota


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