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Chemiluminescent substrate for ELISA applications

ELISABright is an enhanced and highly sensitive chemiluminescent HRP substrate optimized for chemiluminescent ELISA applications. This luminol-based substrate demonstrates a wide linear dynamic range and a superior signal to noise ratio. ELISABright allows for enhanced detection of low abundance proteins and reduced consumption of antibodies and other reagents.

  • Highest signal to noise ratio – for superior performance
  • Broad linear dynamic range – for enhanced detection and precision
  • Immediate light generation – for fast detection
  • Cost effective – and reduced reagent consumption

ELISABright is a sensitive chemiluminescent substrate optimized for ELISA applications. ELISABright has a broad linear dynamic range for excellent quantitative ability, and a superior signal-to-noise ratio for reliable signal detection.

Figure 1. ELISABright has a broad linear dynamic range. C3 protein was detected using a sandwich-style ELISA. Plates were coated with anti-C3 antibody and blocked with 1% BSA-PBST. 50 microliters of a series of C3 solutions, ranging in concentration from 7.8 to 500 pM, was added to each well, and C3 protein was detected with a monoclonal anti-huC3a antibody followed by a goat anti-mouse HRP conjugate. Detection was performed according to the ELISABright protocol, using 100 microliters of substrate per well.


Figure 2. ELISABright has a superior signal-to-noise ratio. ELISABright, SuperSignal® ELISA Pico and SuperSignal ELISA Femto substrates (Thermo Fisher) were used to develop replicate sandwich-style ELISA assays as described in Figure 1. Signal-to-noise ratios for detection of wells containing 50 microliters of a 500 pM solution of C3 protein are shown. ELISABright demonstrates a signal-to-noise ratio 6-times higher than the competition.

  • ELISABright Luminol reagent
  • ELISABright Peroxide reagent

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