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EA26100 1 Kb Plus DNA Ladder 100 lane, 50ug 로그인 확인 문의
EA31100 dATP, 100mM solution 1 x 1mL 로그인 확인 문의


The fast and easy way to remove protein from RNA and DNA samples

In less than 5 minutes, completely remove protein from aqueous solutions of single- and double-stranded nucleic acids.

  • Complete removal of proteins from aqueous solutions of nucleic acids
  • Protocol less than 5 minutes, start to finish
  • Non-toxic alternative to phenol-chloroform extraction
  • Nucleic acid recovery rates >95%
  • Recovery of nucleic acids from 5 nucleotides to greater than 40 kb
  • Suitable for DNA, RNA, cDNA, microRNA, oligonucleotides

RapidClean is a novel affinity resin designed to remove all protein from aqueous solutions of nucleic acids, providing an alternative to hazardous and lengthy phenol-chloroform procedures. The RapidClean resin binds and removes protein in a 5-minute protocol that combines convenience, speed, and nucleic acid recovery rates in excess of 95%.

Figure 1. RapidClean completely removes T4 DNA ligase. No detectable ligase activity remains in a reaction mix after exraction with RapidClean (lane 2). EcoRI digested λ-DNA (lane C, Control) was incubated for 16 hours at room temperature with T4 DNA ligase (lane 1) or with the same mixture extracted with RapidClean (lane 2).


Figure 2. Extraction with RapidClean completely removes Exonuclease III. ϕX174/HaeIII DNA (Lane M) was digested by a 40 min incubation at 37 °C with 10 units of Exonuclease III (lane 1), but no digestion occured when the enzyme mix was extracted twice with RapidClean before addition of the ϕX174/HaeIII DNA target (lane 2).
Rapid clean resin arrives as a ready-to-use 10x slurry

Rapid clean kit Includes:
  • RapidClean resin
  • Spin filters

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